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Fantastic job! I was so satisfied with the new spring installation done by your repairman! He showed up on time and finished the installation in just 25 minutes. I didn’t expect that it was actually possible! The usual time that a repair in installing a new spring can actually take place within 35 to 50 minutes. I was impressed that your repairman was truly highly skilled and knowledgeable with his job. He was very proficient. I definitely recommend Spark Garage Door Repair to anyone who needs garage door repairs! This company is perfectly excellent in terms of service and price! The fast and efficient service was undoubtedly amazing and one of a kind! Big thanks, Spark Garage Door Repair for the awesome service! You really astounded me.

Robert Jeter

It had been a week that our garage door was not functioning well. We didn’t know the reason why. We wanted to find out so that it would be fixed the soonest time possible. Indeed, it was a right decision that I called Spark Garage Door Repair to help us with our garage door problem. We were very satisfied with the service they rendered because the technician was able to detect easily what was wrong with our garage door. He was able to fix it extremely fast! That was really adorable! The fee was even reasonably lower than the estimates we got from other companies we contacted. I truly highly recommend this company and Jeremy, the technician who assisted us with our garage door problem.

Erica Cha

The technician who came into my house to fix the rollers of my garage door was so friendly and absolutely knowledgeable about his job. While he was working on my defective rollers, he was actually explaining what actions he was taking and why. I loved it so much. He even extended his knowledge to me so that I would be educated about my garage door. It was truly very helpful. Aside from that, the technician was really fast and efficient. He finished fixing my rollers in just 20 minutes! That was absolutely amazing! It was my first time to encounter an extremely fast service as that! I definitely recommend Spark Garage Door Repair to all my friends and relatives who will need a garage door service.

Dawn Thomas

Superb job! I was totally satisfied with the service rendered by the professional technician of Spark Garage Door Repair. It was very evident that he took his job seriously and with great passion. He was able to fix my garage door opener really fast! I was so happy that I chose Spark Garage Door Repair to help me with my problem. Everything was really great! The customer service representative who answered my call was very approachable and kind. The technician was highly skilled and knowledgeable. He even answered all my questions and left me with a great product! The fee was so much cheaper compared to other garage door repair services. A job well done! I was 100% satisfied. I definitely recommend this company!

Thomas Davis

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