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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you guys regarding my garage door?

Well, you can definitely reach us   through our hotline number.  You can also visit us online through our website. Once you have made an   appointment with us, we will make sure to send you a technician as soon as possible.

What will I do if my garage door isn’t responding?

You should contact a highly trained professional to look at it. We strongly suggest that you do not try to do repairs on your own. This is to avoid risking injuries and making the process of repairing it even longer.

What has gone wrong with my very noisy garage door?

The reason could be dried up rollers or bearings. Lubricating the hinges usually does the job, but availing the service of a professional is still highly suggested as it will be an easier and safer way to deal with it.

Why does my garage door not open when switched on.

The problem could stem from the garage door opener itself. Why don’t you ask the help of a trained professional in looking at it so that you will know if your opener needs only repair or to be replaced entirely.

How fast will you be able to send a technician?

We will surely be able to send a technician to your place to look at your problem as soon as an appointment has been set. We do assure you that we will send a trained technician at your earliest convenience.

What kind of service /services does your company offer us?

In our company, we do offer a variety of services, basically everything that has to do with garage doors. We do repairs, emergency check-ups, installations, estimations, and maintenance of your garage doors, and lastly pre/post walkthroughs of the work done.

Why are popping sounds heard when opening my garage door?

The popping sounds are heard for they are usually caused by worn-out rollers. You see, your rollers have to be maintained on a regular basis. They are subject to heavy-duty use every time you open and close your garage door.

What causes my garage door to be stuck or jammed?

Either a broken cable or bent track usually causes this. Always remember to do proper maintenance as your cables go through heavy usage. It is important to keep these in mind as things like this could easily cause severe injuries.

Will someone be able to answer my call immediately?

Of course. We at Spark Garage Door Repair are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We assure you that our customer representatives will be able to cater to your call and needs as soon as possible.

What is the quality of your work and your products?

We assure you that we will give the best garage door service you will ever experience. We get our products from a top-notch supplier. Be assured of their quality and that they will be able to last a long time.

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