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Garage Door Maintenance Service By Next Door Garage Door Repair San Antonio TX

Garage Door Maintenance – A Must for All Garage Doors

You have two options regarding garage door maintenance: (1) you ignore it, or properly more likely, you are not aware of it, or (2) you do take it seriously. Option one will lead, sooner or later, to an emergency. Your garage door could get stuck, thus possibly preventing you from going to work in the morning.  What is even more serious is that a panel garage door could suddenly come dropping down. This may damage your vehicle, or more seriously injure you, your family or your pets. In case of an emergency, we are available 24/7 at Garage Door Repair San Antonio TX. We will get to you the same day as soon as possible, and nearly all problems will be resolved.

However, apart from the worry this event might cause, it could land you with a large bill. This could have been easily been avoided if you used our garage door maintenance service.  The modern panel garage door is not so different from your vehicle. Both have sets of interrelated systems, each of which has to work properly.  To look now at the different panel door systems.  There are springs and cables that play an important role, supporting the opener motor.  They also support the garage door and keep it balanced.  Along the side of the garage door in tracking, are rollers and hinges.  These help the garage door move up and down smoothly. Regular maintenance is needed to keep these running smoothly.

Mechanical Systems control garage doors

There are a set of different systems associated with the opener. This includes the electric mains powered motor. There is a mechanical drive system, plus electronics needed to communicate with the external remote. The mechanical systems wear. The electronic systems may need periodic updating. If there is a problem with the main motor, call us at San Antonio TX immediately. The panel doors themselves, plus the weather stripping will need periodic repair and maintenance. If not, water and debris could enter the garage– corroding, blocking and damaging the internal components. A broken or dented panel could affect the overall balance of the garage door. This could start straining the mechanical systems. Going back to the start, given this range of systems, option two, using our garage door maintenance service, is the only option.  

To look in more detail at some of these systems. Tension springs and cables have a fixed “life”.  Due to “work hardening”, each time the garage door is opened and closed, the springs will become slightly more brittle and in time, they will break. These are mainly torsion and extension springs, held under very high tension.  Breaking springs could lead to a falling garage door.   When this can happen, can be predicted.  Each time a garage door opens and closes is called a cycle. It takes 10,000 cycles before the garage door springs start breaking.  If you use your garage door eight times a day, this can start happening in as little as three years.

What Can Go Wrong in a Garage Door  

 Most modern panel garage door systems use a mechanical drive to move a trolley along tracks. There is an extension arm which connects with the top of the garage doors.  There are four drive systems that are commonly used. One is a chain drive, similar to a bicycle chain, a belt drive, a long screw drive or a jack shaft.  Each of these different systems will be subjected to wear. There is also a lot of vibration each time the garage door opens or closes. Especially with belt and chain drives, components will work free. Parts will need tightening with the correct wrenches. Worn and damaged cogs, and pulley belts will need replacing.  All moving parts need regular oiling and lubricating.  In each of the regular monthly checks, you may notice something wrong. If you start noticing increasing rattles from the drive system, or the door is not moving up and down as smoothly as before, do not hesitate to contact  our technicians at Next Door in San Antonio, Texas. Remember again, the opener systems are above your head. You need our skilled technicians to safely get up there and make any adjustments or replace any worn or damaged parts. By the way, we use Original Equipment Manufacture parts for replacements and repairs. As with the garage door springs, do not be tempted to do this yourself. The mains power system should only be dealt with by us. If there is something that is starting to worry you or if you smell burning, you must contact us.

Reliable Garage Door Maintenance Service

If you are a home owner with a large family or a busy commercial business, you could be using the door six times a day. Breakages will start occurring in five years. If you are busy, then there you may not even notice problems developing.  It is important therefore, to get in touch with us at Next Door Garage Door Repair, San Antonio TX, so that we can monitor your garage door springs and cables regularly. We will be able to calculate when a complete overhaul and replacement of the springs and cables will be needed. Better this than a potentially dangerous emergency.

Another mechanical system is the rollers.  These can be made from either steel or nylon. They are set in tracks by individual hinges.  These can wear and get damaged. The tracking itself can be blocked, dented or damaged. Something you can do is to get into the habit of regularly checking round all the panel garage door systems.  This should be done monthly.  If you see or hear anything different or developing, then contact our garage door maintenance people again. Wear on the rollers or a dent in the tracks may be impeding the rollers. They are connected to the garage door panels, so this causes problems with the smooth operation of the garage doors. These problems can build up. Either arrange a regular garage door maintenance schedule, or contact us again, immediately.

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