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Garage Door Openers Service By Next Door Garage Door Repair San Antonio TX

We takes good care of your Garage Door Opener

There are many systems in a modern garage door.  It is best to treat the garage door, the same way you would treat your car, as a piece of equipment that needs constant maintenance and repair, and not simply as a door with a hinge. The garage door opener system is found at the top of your garage. There are a number of sub- systems. There are the mechanical components that help to open and close the garage door.  These include the mechanical drives, trolley and support arm that actually moves the panel garage door up and down. There is the main motor, which is powered by main electricity. There are limit switches which control how far the trolley can move. Electronic systems are an important part of a modern garage door. There is the external hand held remote, plus an optic eye in the garage door. Commands from your external remote are processed by this electronic system, which in turn opens and closes the garage door.

These integrated systems plus the other major elements in your modern garage door all have to work properly together. If you neglect repair and maintenance, there will be an emergency accident. This could mean the garage door locking or crashing down. If this does happen, we at Garage Door Repair San Antonio Texas, offer a 24/7 repair service. We can get a skilled technician to you the same day, and most problems will be fixed there and then.

Garage Door Opener Drive Systems

There are four possible garage door opener drive systems that your door could be using. The chain drive is very much like a bicycle cog and chain system. The belt drive uses a rubber belt. The long screw drive lies inside the trolley tracking. The fourth system, which is starting to become more widespread, is the jack shaft.  These are wall- mounted and are placed at either end of the torsion bar. All these drive mechanisms are connected to the electrical drive motor, and help move the trolley along tracking.

As you can see, there are a lot of different mechanical systems involved. Cogs, bearing and belts will wear. This whole system is subjected to vibration every time the garage door moves up and down. All these components will need replacing at some point. Bolts and fittings will need tightening, plus moving parts will need oiling and lubricating. You can start your own monthly maintenance round.  Although you may not be able to see what the problems are with the opener systems, you will be able to notice any changes in sound. Plus, if there are difficulties developing, with the garage doors opening and closing. Do not hesitate to get in touch with usIt would therefore be a lot better to get in contact with us, so we can fix up a routine maintenance schedule.  We have experienced and qualified technicians who know what to do.

The Best Garage Door Opener

Getting at the opener system will not be easy, as it is above your head. The best technicians Garage Door Repair, at San Antonio TX, have the tools and equipment to access the opener systems. They also know how to properly secure the garage door, during any maintenance or repair work. Another area of maintenance that must be left to us the power supply. This uses mains electricity for power. If you notice anything, a burning smell or frayed leads, do not hesitate. You need to lower the garage door, isolate the power supply and call us. Even if you have experience in dealing with mains electricity, this is best left to the experts.

Another important area revolves around the electronic systems that form a link with the external hand remote and the door’s mechanical systems. A common problem, which we found is the optic eye going out of alignment with the remote. As a result, the garage door cannot be opened. Our skilled technicians can soon rectify this. The limit switches which control the movement of the trolley may need changing. One important consideration is to remember that your garage door could also be your alternative front door. If you own commercial garages, this is also critically important. You may have a garage remote and a system which you feel works fine, but it is now a bit out of date. However, this leaves your property vulnerable.

The Best Garage Door Opener in San Antonio, TX

In order to have the best garage door opener, you need to make sure that the garage door is also kept secure. Garage doors need to have the same security systems found in most modern cars. Burglars can “hack” into the signal between the remote and the garage door. This could let them gain entry to your house. If you have a connecting inside door, then they would go straight into your home. Plus, anything in the garage is there to be stolen. We can offer you an up- to- date security system. Modern “roving code” systems and other advances stop thieves gaining easy access via your garage doors.

Even if you feel you could have a go at any repair work, we are able to source all parts and components using Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts. We have direct access to the main garage door manufacturers. The correct quality components can be bought in bulk, thus bringing down the cost. You may think you see a bargain online, it probably will not be a lot cheaper. Plus, are you really sure this is the correct replacement part? Again, leave this to us. We do not add any extra charges and there are no hidden costs. Supplying the best garage door opener is just part of the service we can offer. There are a number of garage door repair services available in our company. To get more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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