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Garage Door Rollers Service By Next Door Garage Door Repair San Antonio TX

Roller Garage Doors

When it comes to garage doors, the word roller or rollers has two meanings. First is the garage door rollers, the wheel- like part attached within the garage door panels and metal tracks. The rollers help the garage door springs support the entire weight of the garage at is goes up or goes down. The second description is the type of the garage door with roller type panels. In general, all garage doors are considered roller garage doors since all garage doors are composed of rollers. It is important to maintain these important parts to make sure your garage door is functioning well. If you don’t have any idea how to repair or replace damaged rollers, we will give you a hand. Garage Doors San Antonio TX is the best here in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas.

We provides all garage door services from simple repairs to safety eyes installations. Our company has been in the garage door business for many years now. Most of the residents here in San Antonio seek our services all year long. Our expertise and efficiency with the services we provide really made a big impact in the city. We cater to all types and sizes of garage doors. If you have single panel garage doors at home, no problem. If you need help with your sectional garage door at your restaurant downtown, we can handle it. Our services are 100% guaranteed and our main priority is customer satisfaction. That requires the best garage door services.

Garage Door Rollers – Maintenance

Most people are passive when it comes to attending to their garage doors. The initial mindset is, as long as the garage door raises and lowers, its fine. What if your garage door is still working, but the panels can be easily disassembled because of the out- of- date rollers. Garage rollers are one of the hardest parts to repair and replace. Well for us, it’s not hard. However, it takes time and precision. Handling rollers requires skills and diligence. The most common problem homeowners have with their garage door is rusty garage rollers. Have you ever heard an annoying and squeaky sound every time you open the garage door? Well that is coming from the rusty rollers which aren’t spinning well along the opener mechanism because they are covered with rust.

Our repairs or replacement job for rollers requires us to disassemble the garage door panels. Take out the metal track and then, the rollers. We always make sure that your rollers are lubricated and well- fitted. We also provide rollers installations if you need all of your rollers replaced. It is economical to choose replacement services if only one rollers is out of date. However, if all of the rollers are either damaged or rusty, then you need new set of rollers. Garage door rollers is the support strength of the garage door springs. So if your garage rollers are damaged, then the weight of the entire garage door will fall onto the springs alone. The springs won’t be able to counterbalance the entire weight and your garage door is sure to come crashing down. Now think about it, what if someone is under the garage door when it falls down?

Roller Garage Doors – Types of Rollers

There are three kinds of rollers according to the material of the wheel. The rollers is kind of like a skateboard wheel with a metal rod thrust in the middle. There’s the plastic rollers, steel rollers, and nylon rollers. Based on our experience and expertise, we recommend the nylon rollers. The plastic rollers are great for single panel garage doors because they can only support minimum weight and are the cheapest of the three. Steel rollers are the strongest of the three and are capable of supporting over the top garage doors. Nylon rollers are almost the same as the steel, just a little difference with strength power. However, the nylon rollers are lightweight materials and are durable.

Rollers have ball bearings inside. The bearings allow the rollers to carry more weight. So the more the bearings the rollers have, the better. Steel rollers can only have ten bearings in total. Nylon rollers on the other hand have 13 bearings in total. Nylon rollers are also easy to handle because they are lighter and easy to disassemble. But all rollers have their features. Consult the experts before choosing the rollers you want. If you want, we can help you out. Starting from choosing what type of rollers down to the replacement or installation part. Roller garage doors need to be maintained, that is the key.

Garage Door Rollers – Why do you need them?

If you’re wondering why you need garage door services for your rollers, then the answer is personal security and financial security. First, a well- maintained garage door, including all parts is a well secured garage door. Your front and back door have alarm systems built in. Why not do the same for your garage doors? Install alarm systems and a security camera. A weakly structured garage door is easy target for burglars or robbers. They can easily disassemble the panels and make their way inside.

Next comes financial security. Prolonging the technical problem with your garage door will surely result to installation services. It is unfortunate that most people only realize their garage door is broken when it is completely broken. Big expenditures for installation services could have been avoided by regular repairs and parts replacements. That is why we encourage everyone to keep an eye out of their garage doors. We will help you in maintaining your garage doors. We will fix your rollers, your panels, and everything that needs fixing. No need to worry about the price rates of our services. Here in Next Door Garage Door Repair, it is all about the quality of the services. For more information about our services, visit our website and click on services. Our services and phone lines are open 24/7 to accommodate everyone.

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